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Sequoyah List

2015 High School Sequoyah Masterlist



Resourceful new queen Elisa navigates political intrigue, religious strife, and her own desires on a dangerous journey that uncovers even more powers of the Godstone embedded in her navel.


Davis, Lane.  I SWEAR

When Leslie's parents file a wrongful death lawsuit against four of their daughter's classmates, the proceedings expose the cyber bullying and torment she endured and the consequences her bullies face.


Fitzpatrick, Huntley. MY LIFE NEXT DOOR.

Seventeen year-old Samantha has a strict life run by her mom until the summer when she falls in love with the boy next door, who represents everything she and her family are not.


Griffin, Paul.  BURNING BLUE.

Nicole, beautiful and popular, has acid splashed on half her face and her life is changed.  Jay, a loner, becomes the one person Nicole will talk to and he sets out to find who did this to her.



Kayla makes a routine pizza delivery at her part-time job and never comes back.   It would be easy to give up when everyone else does, but Drew and Gabie will never stop until they find her:  dead or alive.



 Hazel and Augustus are two teenage cancer patients who meet at a cancer support group and despite Hazel’s best efforts to remain platonic, the two fall in love. Gr. 9-12.


Lange, Erin Jade. BUTTER.

After creating a website announcing his plans to eat himself to death via a live webcast on New Year’s Eve, a lonely, morbidly obese teenager nicknamed Butter suddenly becomes popular with his classmates and finds new reasons to live.



Jazz, who is seventeen, the son of a serial killer, and has spent his life trying to prove he’s not like his father, finally gets the chance to prove it by trying to help the police when a new murder happens in his hometown.


Maas, Sarah J.  THRONE OF GLASS.

Pulled from the salt mines, eighteen year old Celaena is given the choice to die in the salt mines or to participate as the Prince’s “champion” in a series of events that are “to-the-death” tournaments.  If she wins she would become the Prince’s assassin.


Meyer, Marissa.  CINDER.

Being a cyborg on Earth Union, after the new order and living in New Beijing, is dangerous, as cyborgs are considered sub-human.  Half human and half mechanical, Cinder tries to please her stepmother mother in order to stay in the family.  Cinder’s mechanical prowess introduces her to the royal house and can be both a curse and a blessing.


Quick, Matthew.  BOY 21.

Complexity, tragedy, and fighting for the number 21 bring two unlikely basketball players together as they discover that social class and color has no significance in friendship or on the basketball court.


Roth, Veronica. INSURGENT.

As war is looming between the five factions in Chicago, 16-year-old Tris must deal with grief, guilt, questions of loyalty, and shattering family secrets. Gr. 9-12. 


Shusterman, Neal. UNWHOLLY.

In this suspenseful sequel to Unwind, Cam, a teenager with a perfect mind and body made entirely from the body parts of other Unwinds, must come to terms with who he really is and whether he has a soul.


Stiefvater, Maggie. RAVEN BOYS.

After the clairvoyant Blue Sargent sees the soon-to-be dead Raven Boy from Aglionby Academy, she falls in love with him and enters a strange and sinister world to save him.


Waters, Daniel. BREAK MY HEART 1,000 TIMES.

“The Event” effected millions, leaving many ghosts in the aftermath to return day after day as  if nothing ever happened, one of which seems to be trying to tell Victoria Calder of something much more sinister going on.