Graduation Requirements
Testing Requirements

All students must demonstrate mastery in the courses listed below by scoring Proficient* or Advanced on the associated End-of-Instruction (EOI) exams.

ACE Algebra I;
ACE English II; and

Two of the following five:

ACE Algebra II,
ACE Biology I,
ACE English III,
ACE Geometry, or
ACE United States History

School districts will offer remediation opportunities for students who do not score Proficient* or Advanced on one or more of the required EOI exams. Students may retake required EOI exams up to three times per calendar year if necessary.

*Scores earned prior to 2009 may be classified as Satisfactory instead of Proficient.


Alternate Tests

Students who do not score Proficient or Advanced on one of the required EOI exams may use one or more alternate tests to meet this requirement. In order to use an alternate test, the student must have earned a score equal to or greater than the minimum scores listed in the document below.

This information can also be found on the Oklahoma State Department of Education website.


For Detailed Graduation Requirements please CLICK HERE.